Carpet Cleaning Rockville Maryland

Dry Carpet Cleaning in Rockville MD

by Carpet Cleaning Express LLC



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The Best & Safest Dry Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery cleaning All jobs are guaranteed, If spots come back so do we. Dry Carpet Cleaning:
  1. Dries in Approximately 1 Hour
  2. Leaves No Dirt Attracting Residue
  3. No Reappearing Stains!
    (Does Not Apply To Pet Stains)
  4. Most Effective Cleaner Available
  5. 100% Safe & Non Toxic
  6. Ask About Our Guarantee

VS Steam Shampoo

  1. May Take Hours To Dry
  2. May Resoil Rapidly
  3. Old Stains May Reappear!
  4. May Permanently Damage Carpet & Pad
  5. Beware Of Hidden Charges

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method Vs Steam Cleaning or Shampoo Method

Bonnet Cleaning
This method uses an absorbent pad (called bonnet) attached to the end of a machine that rotates. The carpet is sprayed with the preferred detergent
solution. The rotating pad is used to agitate the area, thus cleaning out the dirt from it. After one side of the pad gets soiled, the pad could be reversed. When both the sides become dirty, the pad could be replaced and later cleaned. This method is put to use for the maintenance of most commercial buildings

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